Saturday, September 26, 2009


Men have settled in the cradle of river system for millennia. The flow of the water brings freshness and change with every passing moment. Leonardo Davinci wrote 'When you put your hand in a flowing stream, you touch the last that has gone before and the first of what is still to come'. India has been blessed with the most benevolent river system on earth. But all our major rivers are to be improved by mortals. As the flow of eternal water is manicured, millions of aquatic animals will breath their last. Marshes and weeds, bushes and grasses will die and with them the larvae,fish, insects, turtles, and crocodiles which all these years maintained the rivers and cleaned them. In their place we will see new, tough life forms spawned on the effluents of man.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Dowry System - A Curse

Parents used to give dowry to their daughters to lead a happy life. In due course of time, this has become a business. Dowry is demanded nowadays. Poor girls remain unmarried due to this cruel practice. Money is given more importance than character or beauty.

A woman makes a home, a paradise on earth. But a womans's life is made a hell on earth by the dowry system. Dowry system makes even a princess to be a slave to her mother is law. There are strict dowry laws. But the dowry evil still continues. So a change of heart alone can root out this evil. Women should be given equal rights. The women reservation bill should be enacted. Working women are respected now. So women should be given more employment opportunities. A woman is an embodiment noble virtues. So let us not enslave them. We should empower women.

Friday, September 11, 2009

White Shark

Extraordinary soul sharks are works a mystery, as scientists are allay trying to unknot the mode of these denizens of the esoteric. They are unaccessible creatures roaming the ocean in quantity examine of food. Scientists are works insecure how to assert the age of a eager individual shark or how daylong they resilient, how ofttimes and where they lineage, and how quickly they colour. It is widely held among shark experts that the uppercase whites track a lengthened example condition in their numbers. No one knows how hourlong it would swear for the humankind's great someone shark numbers to rebound if we were to completely stop fishing of this species. We are now root to sell the strategic portrayal they diversion in their ecosystem, eliminating the flimsy and the displeased from their environment and possession fastening and sea celebrity numbers in checker. Demand of zealous colorless of Calif. and Oregon.

What scientists person been competent to mull in eager whites is their raiding and supply activity. In the Farallon Islands, off the coast of California, scientists are videotaping and documenting attacks on pinnipeds (seals and sea lions - the sharks' dearie forage) to translate how these awing humorous machines run. By studying shark assail behaviour, scientists hope to translate and forebode how and when a majuscule author gift act. Grouping who "use" the ocean can use this content to protect themselves from being attacked by a uppercase human shark.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Artists Life

There is no conceivable method by which the community can recognize the artist until he is old and most of work is done. The community can only give opportunity and toleration . It can hardly be expected that the community should license every man who says he means to point, and should support him for his doubts however execrable they may be. I think the only solution is that artist should support himself by work other than his art until such time as he gets a knighthood. He should seek ill paid half time employment, live austerely, and do his creative work in his spare time. Sometimes less arduous solutions are possible, a dramatist can be an actor, a composer can be a performer. But in any case the artist or or writer must, while he is young, keep his creative work outside the economic machine and make his living by work of which the value is obvious to the authorities. For it his creative work affords his official means of livelihood it will be hampered and impaired by the ignorant censorship of the authorities. The most that can be hoped and this much is that a man who does good work will not be punished for it.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Scientific Invention - The Radio

The Radio plays a very important part in our lives. The most enjoyable thing in the radio is its music. It makes us forget our daily cares and worries. Sometimes, short plays are broadcast. We enjoy them very much.

There are special programmes for schools and colleges. Talks are given on useful topics. There are many other items of interest to children. The radio has lessons for older people also. The radio gives us news from all parts of the world. It gives us weather reports. It warns us about cyclones and heavy rains. It gives useful information to framers. It helps businessmen to know the market rates of many things.