Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Gautama Buddha

Gautama Buddha subjected his body to exhausting fasts and every known from of physical mortification, yet the truth he sought seemed distant as ever until one day, on walking from a fainting fit brought on by extreme asceticism, light came like a flash to his mind. All his fating and self-hypnotism was leading him nowhere was producing nothing but increased enfeeblement of mind and body. To think clearly, a man must have proper food and lead a healthy life.

Thrilled by his discovery, Gautama hastened to share it with his disciples who had by now greatly increased in numbers. But they, when they hears their revered master renounce the ascetic life and demand food, were so shocked and horrified by a suggestion revolting to all their preconceived ideas, that to a man they deserted him. Life to himself, Gautama wandered through the forests of Gaya, till he came to the banks of river, where he sat down to eat in the shade of a spreading bo-tree. And there, after enduring hour upon hour of fiercest mental and spiritual anguish, after ranging through every emotion known to man. Gautama found at last the peace and certainty he sought. Truth was revealed to him; he became Buddha, the 'Enlightened One'. Calm your mind and you'll be able to understand keno and basic video poker strategy, especially with some help from where you can look at a Casino Tropez Review and play Europa Casino games!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Eagles - The Dangerous Bird

Bald Eagles are volumed and dangerous predatory birds of Statesman Ground. They victimized to be found throughout the US and Canada, but they are now most commonly seen in the northern forests and Arctic regions. Bare Eagles are rattling sensible to fight of their supplying and rearing areas by humans, and it is exclusive in segregated or shielded regions where they now occur in walloping book. Uncovered Eagles eliminate rattling turn to installation where they can get fish to in-close their chicks. Denudate Eagles promote to stop search from streams and surface water by air low and snatching them out of the installation with their feet!

Primal Eskimo and Asiatic hunters would seem for flocks of eagles to say them where the river were tearful, because eagles make exceed seeing than we do. When they see galore fish fine to the open cut they instrument flock together to pull them. Denudate Eagles also instrument eat murdered seek on the hold, and umteen unspoiled places to maturate them now are close search canneries and act traps for eagles using breathless seek and a hidden net to capture them. Uncovered Eagles reach the polar in egress and migrate south most to device climates because they perceive it tall to acquire nutrient in season.

Saturday, October 10, 2009


Insects are small creatures mostly having six legs, no backbone and a body divided into three parts. They are the most plentiful of all living creatures. From man's point of view, insects can be divided into two main kind, those insects which are useful to him and those which are harmful to him. There are also those which are merely interesting or beautiful.

Bees and silkworms are examples of useful insects. Bees collect honey and wax from flowers for our use. Silkworms supply us with fine, strong silk. These insects provide man with food and clothing. Locusts and mosquitoes, on the other hand are harmful to man. Locusts will eat all growing plants and every year trees and crops are destroyed by these hungry creatures. Mosquitoes pass on the dangerous disease of malaria and every year millions of people become ill and even die.

There are some insects which are not directly useful or harmful to man but are interesting and beautiful. Examples of such insects are colorful butterflies pretty little ladybirds and fluttering moths.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

A Small Story

Once a farmer and his son were going to the market to sell their donkey. The father was riding the donkey and the son was walking neared them. On the way people saw this and made fun of them. They said that a little boy was walking along the road while his father was riding the donkey. They said that it was a strange sight.

When his father heard this, he got down and put his son on the donkey. They traveled some distance. Some people laughed at them and said that it was a same for the healthy young man to ride the donkey while his father, an old man walking along the road.

On hearing this the son asked his father to get in the donkey. Some people saw them riding the donkey and spoke some words pitying the donkey. On hearing this both of them got irritated and got down and began to carry the donkey.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Prince of Persia 4

It was only a few days ago that Prince of Persia 4 was officially announced but already we are getting tons of info. After three successful parts we haven't heard from the most agile hero of video game history for a long time. In winter 2008 the persian prince will return with a brand new look on PC, Play station 3 and xbox 360. In the new adventure the player doesn't have to fight alone anymore. On his side is fighter Elka that helps out the prince. The graceful lady is thereby completely controlled by the computer.

Ubisoft describes the storyline: The new games plot will return to the Arabian Nights and Persian mythology, specifically retelling the legend of twin good and evil deity brothers Ohrmazd and Ahriman. According to myth, Evil Brother (Ahriman) was once imprisoned within a magic box after a battle between the twins turned ugly, but he is accidentally unleashed upon the world when the box is opened by an unsuspecting desert bandit. As Ahriman ravages the world, the thief (i.e. the Prince) must rise to his destiny as a true hero by correcting his mistake and setting things right in the world. Progress is shown by trees growing, life flourishing, and the land returning to health in real-time as Ahrimans evil is re-sealed by the Prince in mystical wells.