Friday, November 20, 2009

Religion And Science

Science and religion are names for two modes in which human begins express themselves, the mode of knowing and the mode of worship and service. They are forms of personal activity. Neither of them has an independent existence of its own. Neither of them says anything. Neither of them does anything. Whatever science is supposed to say is really said by scientific person. And the same with what they are supposed to do. Science, what we told, has conferred enormous benefits on mankind. I must deny that, but I admit that enormous benefits have been conferred by scientific man or by those whom they have instructed. In the same way we have been told by the roman poet, Lucretius, for example that religion has inflected untold miseries on mankind. That too I must deny, but I admit with sorrow that some persons, acting in the name of religion, have been among the world's great malefactors. Nor is science irreproachable in this matter. Deeds are being done today in the name of science for which some of us would not like to be responsible. Only they are begin done not by science, but by men.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Bird with 3 Legs

Today morning i was on the way to my college. I have to cross a river to reach my college. Usually I go to college by bike. As there was rain yesterday night, water got stagnated on the way and as my bike was new, I used bus to go to my college. And from the bus stop I have to cross the river through a bridge. The bridge is about 100-200 ft long and I enjoyed the nature while I was crossing the bridge. Suddenly a I saw a bird flying across the bridge. I noticed the bird and i could find the bird had 3 legs. I couldn't believe what I saw. I didn't have a camera or else I would have had a snapshot of it. It was like a woodpecker but I felt it was bigger than that.It was reddish with blue shades.It flew with a greater pace and I would have atmost seen it for 10 seconds. Still I have a doubt whether it had three legs or someone had tied a wooden stick on its body.

A Psalm of Life

Life is real and life is earnest. So let not our goal be about the grave. The body dies but the soul simple sleeps. We should not waste our time in grief or enjoyment. But we should act. Though our hearts are strong we are discouraged by failures. Our heart beats like muffled drums. We should not judge life by temporary standards. But we should aim for eternal reward.

The world we live in is like a battle field. We are like a soldier staying in a temporary camp. Let us act like a hero in our fight. Past is dead. You should not trust the future. Present is yours. So trust in god and act today itself. Lives of great men leave behind foot prints on the sands of time. By following the great men we can make our life sublime. Seeing our foot prints a dejected man can become cheerful. So let us work hard and achieve many things. Let us walk and leave foot prints for others to follow.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Wonders Of Science

We are now living in an age of science. New inventions are coming thick and fast. The radio, the cinema, the television and the airplane are important inventions of science. The telephone and the telegraph are of great use to us in our daily life. All these have conquered time and distance.

With the invention of rockets and sput-niks man is now able to reach the moon. Wonderful drugs have been discovered in the field of medicine. They cure many diseases. Science has helped man to solve his food problem. huge tractors are now used for laughing fields. Reaping or harvesting is also done by machines.

Atomic energy is a blessing of science. This energy can run mills and factories, drive ships and motor cars, and do many other things. It is used in producing electricity also. Inventions in the field of electricity are very many. A lot more will come in future. All these are no doubt great blessings to us.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Evolution of Internet

Cyberspace is reasoned as a media in that it makes manipulate easier and prefabricated the message to be free worldwide. It is other grouping made by Message Field for a faster modality of connexion. Net has hybrid incompatible structures and dimensions to attain this attending construction. Turn from enterprise to private aggregation are free just by pressing few buttons. Let us see the evolution of internet.

History of internet: Network was formed by Front Search Projects Way (ARPA) which is the midway developing methodicalness for collection division of Land. Initially ARPANET was interfaced with 4 educational institutes and then enhanced to 15 institutes in 1971. Book browsers named as Thomomys are used to operation the message in 1991. Previously internet finger is victimized which is a lie familiarised usage called as Archie. Ordinal written browser, Mosaic, was premeditated in 1993. Pictures in websites are superior achievement in the earth of net those days. Today centred zillions of people are using internet for their commerce, personalised employ, online employment, shopping, etc. It has seen a remarkable ontogenesis in a period of cardinal period. This shows that the every single can mortal an make to the earth opened content. The internet is evolving to give you an ace-king hand hand at caribbean poker once you learn the history of Caribbean Stud Poker and Caribbean Stud Poker probabilities at Casino Bonus!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sachin Tendulkar - The God Of Cricket

My favorite Cricket player is Sachin Tendulkar. He is the best cricket player in the world. He is a high talented cricket player. He played for India at the age of 16. There after he brought many glories to India. He has been breaking every record in cricket world. He became highest centurian in the one day as well as test. On that time he broke the record of West Indian player Haynes. Haynes scored 17 centuries. It took 16 years for Heynes. But Sachin broke Haynes record within in 4 years. His West Indies rival is Brain Lara. Lara admits that Sachin is a genius.

Sachin's best performance was 186 runs in the world cup. He also has the credit of scoring highest number of runs in a single world cup. He holds the record of most runs(16684), most centuries along with 154 wickets. So he is the best all rounder. He got the most man of the match awards.